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New Feature for the Competition Database

Due to the change in the Competition Database requirement for awarding extra points for Funkhanas and Rallies (e.g. 11 points awarded for Best Time of Day if two or more classes are competing), this necessitates knowing if there are any classes defined for the event. Since the rulebook is not specific as to what those classes are, it is up to the club hosting the event to provide the classes on the new results reporting form. These classes will be preserved during the reporting and validation phases of event reporting. Currently these classes can be anything, as long as they are chosen and entrants entered in those classes. A suggestion for Car Show classes is C1 to C8 and Man/Woman, Woman/Man, Women/Women and Man/Man designations for Rallies but they can be anything the club decides as long as they are consistent. The Online Registration program will put the entrants in the classes you define unless it is an event that already has classes defined in the database.

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